Ikebana history

There is also research that the origins of Flower Arrangement are based on the act of reconstructing the sampled plants in the space such as residence as the flow of animism from ancient times. Unlike animals, plants can maintain life to some extent by proper treatment even if they are cut off. It is also thought that you saw the mystery in the properties of these plants. It is also considered to be an attempt to comprehensively manage the power of the mystery that is beyond the hands of humans on flower bowls, which also leads to the evergreen tree faith.

The theory that the origins of flower arrangement originate from the flower that deducts flowers when Buddhism is introduced is strong. Also, customs that love flowers put in a single bowl, etc. go back to the Heian era in the past, and can be traced from literature materials such as “pillow crown”. Originally we used existing vessels, but afterwards dedicated flower vases were produced.

Establishment of flower arrangement is supposed to be by monks of Kyoto Rokkakudo in the Muromachi period middle period. Monks were called “Ikenobo” because they lived on the banks of the pond alternately. Such name will later be the name of the school. Tamibana (Tachibana, Rika; writing “also known as” Takahashi “) was done by Taisei during the middle of the Edo period by families, sectarians and others.
Later, from the middle to the late Edo period, the flower arrangement changed from the one of the upper class and the samurai class to that of the common people until widely loved mainly by the flowers (Shuusa, Saika).

Speaking of today’s flower arrangement, it often refers to flowers and flowers that have become popular in the era of cultural and civil era in the late Edo period. Especially in the Shuzhou flow system called the song generation which was popular in the latter part of the Edo period, a lot of experts and technicians of technique appeared, and together with the copper flower vases that set the design and carefully selected timber and painted flower beds of craftsmanship etc. Numbers Everything has flowered, and its designs and designs are still inherited in many cases. In addition, it will become a trigger to divide into many schools from the school of the unstrained flow system in Kansai, the old – school system etc in East Japan.

During the late Edo period and early Meiji era, Flower Arrangement and Ikebana were introduced to Europe by Japonismu worldwide and influenced European flower design as a method of line arrangement. In Japan, various flowers, flowers, various flowers, flower arrangement, flower arrangement (Maribea) etc were developed according to the flow of the times. In addition, all kinds of materials other than plants as heterogeneous flower materials are actively adopted as “flower materials”.